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Juergen Langenberg is Son Electronique.

I was born in 1967 in the city of Neuss, Germany near Duesseldorf and Cologne. After school, I served in the army for 15 months and up to now I work in the logistics.
The first music experience I remember is to play the piano of my parent's friends son. His name is Juergen Dahmen and he is a well known German musician. It hasn't got anything to do with music and Gof bless Juergen never heard it ...

My father wanted to buy me a piano, but only if I would have taken piano lessons. In the music school they told me that first I had to learn to play a flute and then could take piano lessons. Ridiciolous! Why play flute to learn piano. I didn't.

Some years later I got an electric organ for my birthday and I tought myself to play the keys and to read notation. Some time later I played with some friends some jazz things. We even played in a church and our bass player was very impressed by Jaco Pastorius and so was his style to play. No one told us that there was a baptism during our play, so the parents weren't very impressed. Honestly, I would have been proud to be baptised to the sound of Weather Report or Jaco Pastorius ....

Our little band had its time and all of us got a job or went to the university. I even married ...
After that short "intermezzo" I got my own flat and went on to make some music.
In 1998 I bought an ugly Windows PC to make some music with it. Not very amusing those times.

During my life I have very different influences to my music. I grew up in the eighties which was a relevation!
I was impressed by the new styles of music, manely when synthesizers have been used. Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre were my idols, Kraftwerk is eternal, Jarre grew old.
On the other side I love seventies rock from Supertramp, Barclay James Harvest, Genesis and Pink Floyd. 
To make it a bit complicated, I began to love Jazz, e.g. Chick Corea and Weather Report. Joe Zawinul was the only keyboarder who could make you cry when playing synth-solos. Sadly he passed away in September 2007, but I had the opportunity to see him live at the Jazz Ralley, Duesseldorf in the late 90's.
In the late 90's a friend of mine took me to a club in Duesseldorf, the famous "Poison Club" where they only played techno those days. I was amazed of this kind of music until today.
All that mash makes the sound of Son Electronique ...

In 2004 I decided to make my own music project and publish some of my tunes on the internet which was hardly possible until then.
In 2008 I created an account on Jamendo where you can publish your music for free.

In early 2012 I got rid of the problems with Windows systems and switched the complete production environment to the Mac platform. Never had such an amazing system ...

If you like to support Son Electronique you can make a donation via PayPal after you have downloaded my music on Jamendo.

Have fun with Son Electronique,


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