I grew up in the 70's and the 80's where, speaking in musical terms really something happend! Glamorous bands like Queen, Yes, Genesis, Supertramp were followed by the so called New Wave with all of its facettes in the 80's. What a time! 
Below you find some of my all-time favorites. Watch Amazon items on the right menu ...

Breakfast In America by Supertramp


This is my lonely-island-album. I wouldn't go there without this bunch of high-class songs. 
Take The Long Way Home & Lord Is It Mine are songs that guide me in every situation of life, whether if I'm blue or if I'm happy. 

Die Mensch Maschine by Kraftwerkman machine

This album from 1978 was released at least 10 years before it's time. Precise rhythms and wonderful melodies create a unique atmosphere. This album is one of the blueprints for 80's music. Many things wouldn't have happened without it.

Steve McQueen by Prefab Sprout

steve mcqueen

Prefab Sprout are one of the most underrated bands from the 80's up to now. Paddy McAloon, the leader of the band is one of the greatest songwriters of our time. This album has an amazing atmosphere thanks to the great production of Thomas Dolby.


Weltreise by Schiller

Schiller is a german artist which is best described as world electronic pop. Instrumental music is mixed with vocal tunes sung by great artists as Kim Sanders or Peter Heppner from Wolfsheim. 

Are You Sequenced? by Klaus Schulze

ks sequenced

Klaus Schulze is an inspiration for a whole generation of electronic musicians and a founder of the so called "Berlin School". 
This album shows in an amazing way that Berlin School can have a kick-ass rhythm ...

Hotel California by The Eagles

hotel california

I love music from the westcoast! This album is a blueprint for that kind of music. Perfect songs, perfect vocals, perfect harmonies. Wherever you sit near a fireplace, with this record running, the fire won't go out and you can be sure that the sunset is always in the west behind the shores of California, ... even if some lyrics are evil.

Tangram by Tangerine Dream


I've always been fascinated by music made with synthesizers. In early days my music teacher told my how synthesizers work, this album is about how electronic music works. Amazing!

Minimum Maximum by Kraftwerk


The one and maybe the only "live" album from the German electro-pioneers from 2003 recorded around the world. It doesn't matter where they are on stage they alway sound perfect. Even if some tunes are 30 years old they sound as fresh as they have been written, produced and recorded in our days.

16 by Chicago

chicago 16

A completely different kind of music ...
16 was the first album of the jazz-rock band produced by David Foster. He created a unique sounds in the eighties wich was successful for many artists. I always loved the sound with the gated drums and that special piano sound, a combination between a real piano and a DX7-Rhodes sound. Still in these days it sounds amazing and the quality of the songs is still outstanding.

The Works by Queen 

the works

Released in 1984 it is my favorite album of Queen. Radio Gaga is so true and the video in the style of the motion picture Metropolis is still amazing. This record has all what's about Queen: Heavy guitars, fine piano-work, amazing choirs and the feeling to write hits. 

Heavy Weather by Weather Report

heavy weather

What would the world be without the genius of Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter and Jaco Pastorius? This one is a perfect mixture between rock and jazz. And if you don't pull a tear hearing A Remark You Made - I can't help you ...

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